Proactive IT Support & Maintenance

Cloud 1 Solutions offers a full range of IT services, customized to your needs, at an affordable price. From day-to-day troubleshooting to strategic long term planning, we have you all covered. We can be your IT department or supplement your already existing IT staff.


Onsite Support And 24/7 Remote Monitoring

Cloud 1 Solutions unique combination of continuous Remote Monitoring and on premise support give you peace of mind that your critical network devices such as your servers, routers, firewall and network services are up to date and secure.  Other important network services, such as email, web and periodic backups, should also be running smoothly and continuously.


Strategic Planning

For many companies, sitting down with the key decision makers and agreeing on priorities can be one of most difficult tasks because of competing objectives and tight budgets. As with any kind of strategic plan, you need to consider where the organization will be several years out and imagine what it will take to get there. Cloud 1 Solutions has years of experience helping clients build strategic IT plans.


Spam & Antivirus, Ransomware

Threats to sensitive corporate data, email and instant messaging are getting more sophisticated and continue to rise. As businesses grow and expand, they must contend with government regulatory and compliance issues. Are you prepared to address the risks associated with lost productivity, potential lawsuits or penalties for non-compliance?



Many times there are questions that surround topics such as security.  These can range from passwords to remote access.  These are areas where our experienced frames of reference can assist the business.


Business Continuity

Cloud 1 Solutions Backup is an ideal solution for secure, offline backup of your company’s critical data. As part of a layered security strategy, it is important to store your critical company data offsite. Natural disasters, fires, theft or equipment failure can cause a severe disruption in your business. For continuity purposes, you must be able to quickly recover your key data, so you can get back to business.