Know Your Recovery Time

Have you asked how long it will take to recover?

Every day, your business relies on documents, applications, and existing data to function. What will happen if you suddenly lose access to this essential part of your business operations? This is a significant problem leading to lost profits and reputation. That’s why data backup and a plan for disaster recovery are essential.

Developing a Return to Operations (RTO) plan that incorporates business requirements with backup solutions is the first step. Objective alignment allows companies to understand the required infrastructure and cost associated with RTO. It also provides a runway for employee and customer communication during critical and stressful times.

Cyber security is also now a driving factor for robust backup solutions. Threat actors not only encrypting files they are now disabling servers and databases along with exfiltrating data.

Key Strategies

  • Local file recovery
  • Local disaster recovery
  • Encrypted backup agents
  • Cloud virtualization recovery

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