Cloud 1 Solutions is a privately owned corporation founded on 15 years of Fortune 500 experience supporting rapid growth, emerging technologies, and secure, stable, scalable systems.   Cloud 1 Solutions has the expertise to provide one source for all of your Information Technology needs; consulting, hardware, and software.

How We Can Help

Deciding on which new technology (hardware, software or service) to incorporate into your business can be a daunting task. Cloud 1 Solutions makes unbiased recommendations on vendor solutions based solely on best practices and your business continuity requirements. We avoid costly or complex solutions that manufacturers or vendors typically hype or when friends or peers come forward with their best advice on storage devices, PDA, wireless access, or CRM solutions.


Cloud 1 Solutions offers a full range of IT services, customized to your needs, at an affordable price. Maximum uptime of your servers, applications, networking and workstations and network ensuring that your staff are producing revenue to the greatest extent possible